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Hi, Welcome to my website, www.alenereaugh.com  my name is Alene Lorraine Burnett Reaugh. Forty years ago I joined the establishment against all reason and good sense, or so I thought at the time. Was it worth it, oh yes, very much so. Even though I made many mistakes and some bad choices, I still ended up where I wanted to be all along.
I am writing a book about my Great Grand Aunt. Even though I had heard of and knew of aunt Beatrice, I had no idea that I would be the one chosen to make her story known.
From British Columbia, Washington State and Cornwall, her disappearance was always kept as a family secret for fear that someone would know the disgrace brought on our family. It was only spoken of in hushed tones and never around the children.
When I learned of the family secret I thought of it as an interesting family story but to the older generation it was someone who people knew and were related to. They wanted to know what happened to her.
Then one day, many years ago, my mother’s niece, Betty Novotney, came to me and asked if I would research what happened to Aunt Beatrice, my Great Grandmother’s sister. It is believed that Aunt Beatrice was given the family Bible and that it is lost to time as was her story because she disappeared without a trace.
It has been over twenty years since the information first became known to me and I started my research. The book is written now but is currently in a state of re-write. It was reviewed by two different people, one said it is boring and no one would be interested in a hundred-year-old crime, the other gave a good constructive review and some direction. So in preparation of getting the book done and out in the world I have set up a website, I want to make sure that Beatrice’s story is told along with all the other women whose path crossed Watson.
Beatrice was a beautiful and kind woman whose only crime was to befriend a gentleman on a train.
Thanks again for going to my website www.alenereaugh.com  I will be adding my other stories to my journal, so please come back from time to time.



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