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I Did It

I am now a published author and my book American Bluebeard: Lies and Dead Wives is now available for purchase at my BookBaby Bookstore on my website Thank you all for your support over the years; it is hard to believe I finished the book that started with a question, who killed my Cornish […]

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Father’s Day 2020

While I sit at my desk, contemplating Father’s Day and thinking about our Dad, I realized I am at another turning point in my life. One of the last conversations I had with him was about me writing a book. I don’t think I ever told him before that fateful day in 2014 on the […]

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Mother’s Day 2020

Four strong and wonderful women were responsible for my upbringing. My mother was a single mom who worked diligently to provide a good life for her two children, me, and my brother with special needs. Because she worked two jobs, when I was just four-years-old, she enlisted the help of her mother, Lorraine, and a […]

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Rainy Day in July

I decided to take a day off from my writing, editing, and corrections to spend the day with my friend Judy Berg, a member of the PNW Cornish Society. She lives in Fullerton, California and she and her husband Hank spend a month at the Coromants Oregon Coast in Depot Bay every year. Due to […]

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A Saturday Night

I was 17 years old when my girlfriend Sue Wallace asked me to go with her on a bus trip from Seattle to Spokane. She wanted to visit a friend of hers who had moved there, and her parents said she could take the Greyhound bus if I would go with her. The plan was […]

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Welcome to my Website

Hi, Welcome to my website,  my name is Alene Lorraine Burnett Reaugh. Forty years ago I joined the establishment against all reason and good sense, or so I thought at the time. Was it worth it, oh yes, very much so. Even though I made many mistakes and some bad choices, I still ended […]

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Guardian Angel on the Sunset Limited

I would like to acknowledge and thank a magnificent woman who went beyond her job description and responsibilities to protect our 90-year-old dad. I call her his guardian angel because she saw he needed one and took him under her wing. Alecia deserves a hero’s metal for the care she gave our dad those two […]

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Just a Country Girl

When I was a little girl, I lived out in the countryside known then as South Tacoma. We had chickens and a dog and I am sure there were cats too although I do not recall any specific ones. The neighbors had a few cows and a whole lot of chickens. There was always homemade […]

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