Letters From Home

JANUARY 1ST, 2021               

Well, we made it through the Holidays and the year 2020. Some did not fare as well as others. We are all trying to learn a new way of living.

During my isolation, I am sorting through and reading hundreds of letters and cards between my family, including my mom and dad, when they were married in 1944 up to their divorced five years later. Dad was in the Navy when they met, and he was away from home due to the war and over a year spent in Illinois for a flight training school. They exchanged letters daily.  

I found letters from my grandmother to her three daughters and letters from many friends and other relatives. I am learning a lot about my first five years; I have no memory of that time.  I am getting an education and think I may end up writing another book, a memoir. But for now, I must concentrate on promoting my book “American Bluebeard; Lies and Dead Wives” and think about another book later.  

Due to the pandemic, I have not been able to do the marketing I had visualized. I thought I would be contacting bookstores and libraries and hold book signings. Most of that is on hold until we return to a more normal life, no matter how that looks.

A special thank you to all my friends, family, and casual acquaintances who have supported me in my endeavor to write a book. It has been a journey.

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