Dad, Daryl Burnett, age 16.

Letters From Home

JANUARY 1ST, 2021                Well, we made it through the Holidays and the year 2020. Some did not fare as well as others. We are all trying to learn a new way of living. During my isolation, I am sorting through and reading hundreds of letters and cards between my family, including my mom and […]

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H.L. Mencken, Journalist

Photograph of H. L. Mencken Ben Pinchot – Theatre Magazine, August 1928 (page 37) Bluebeard Watson died in 1939; he left his “fortune” to all he considered his friends. First was the warden Duffy then warden Holohan, Dr. Leo Stanley, and Lt. Dan Coughlin, a prison officer. The Will also named The Salvation Army, the Volunteers of […]

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I Did It

I am now a published author and my book American Bluebeard: Lies and Dead Wives is now available for purchase at my BookBaby Bookstore on my website Thank you all for your support over the years; it is hard to believe I finished the book that started with a question, who killed my Cornish […]

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Father’s Day 2020

While I sit at my desk, contemplating Father’s Day and thinking about our Dad, I realized I am at another turning point in my life. One of the last conversations I had with him was about me writing a book. I don’t think I ever told him before that fateful day in 2014 on the […]

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Mother’s Day 2020

Four strong and wonderful women were responsible for my upbringing. My mother was a single mom who worked diligently to provide a good life for her two children, me, and my brother with special needs. Because she worked two jobs, when I was just four-years-old, she enlisted the help of her mother, Lorraine, and a […]

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Rainy Day in July

I decided to take a day off from my writing, editing, and corrections to spend the day with my friend Judy Berg, a member of the PNW Cornish Society. She lives in Fullerton, California and she and her husband Hank spend a month at the Coromants Oregon Coast in Depot Bay every year. Due to […]

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A Saturday Night

I was 17 years old when my girlfriend Sue Wallace asked me to go with her on a bus trip from Seattle to Spokane. She wanted to visit a friend of hers who had moved there, and her parents said she could take the Greyhound bus if I would go with her. The plan was […]

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Welcome to my Website

Hi, Welcome to my website,  my name is Alene Lorraine Burnett Reaugh. Forty years ago I joined the establishment against all reason and good sense, or so I thought at the time. Was it worth it, oh yes, very much so. Even though I made many mistakes and some bad choices, I still ended […]

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