Just a Country Girl

When I was a little girl, I lived out in the countryside known then as South Tacoma. We had chickens and a dog and I am sure there were cats too although I do not recall any specific ones. The neighbors had a few cows and a whole lot of chickens. There was always homemade bread and jelly and on Sunday morning we had either bacon and eggs or Swedish pancakes. I could eat a million of those melt in your mouth pancakes. When I was just thirteen, I left there to go live with my mother in the suburbs. After I left the countryside I always wanted to go back someday and relive that lifestyle.

YellowRoseThe closest I came in the past was in 1970 when I lived in a big house on two and half acres with a good friend and his son. My friend was a writer and I “got the bug” from him to express my feelings in writing and search within for the person I am. We had a dog and several cats and a garden with potatoes, tomatoes, onions and corn. I loved solitary walks in the woods and being one with nature.

By 1973 I returned to city life and remained there for forty years, twelve years in one big city and 28 in a somewhat smaller city.

I believe my current move to the Siletz/Toledo area fulfills the wish of being a country girl again. Our house is a very nice little house with one dog and no chickens. Our neighbor has quite a few chickens, maybe ten or so, and a rooster. The rooster sounds the alarm to wake us up at the crack of dawn and then they high tail it over to our place as soon as they see we are up. There were only a couple at first but word got around, the nice man in our house was giving out goodies. Now it’s not just the chickens there are a couple of ducks. We are growing tomatoes, zucchini, rutabagas and cucumbers.

On our daily walks up the country road we enjoy the flowers, the birds and the horses. We speak to the few neighbors living nearby and our little dog manages to get a treat every day from one. Every night before we go to bed, we sit on the back deck right under the big dipper and watch the sky for anything moving or unusual.
I have returned to the country and it is just right for me to write. More specifically finish my book – Untangled a story of wives and murder.

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