Today is Tuesday which is the day I self-designated for writing. I am still in unpacking mode and have not as yet started to re-write my story or even just jot down a few thoughts.

I have spent the last three days working with McAfee to find and eliminate malware, viruses and other such bugs only to find out that all my data is intact and what I had was a “hitchhiker” who could work with me side by side on whatever program and/or website I happen to be working. Now everything is fixed and my new computer is cleaned up and no longer a problem. What this means is I no longer have an excuse not to get to work.

While going through boxes of endless paper documents, I discovered the complete history of my life going back about 50 years. Not everything is documented but as I am reading things I wrote over the years including dates and names of people, the memories are revived from that dark chasm of my long term memory. It is interesting to me but will not necessarily be interesting to others. What I am finding out is how I got from there to here.

I often wonder how everything would have been different had I made other choices. Most recently I came across a letter written to me in 1965, the year I graduated from high school. The letter was signed Lori and it took me some time to put a face with that name and once I did I remembered her, we worked together at the movie theater. She was going to take a year off from school to live in a foreign country and asked me to go with her. I remember telling her that I could not leave my family for that long and I was making plans to marry my high school sweetheart. In this letter she thanked me for coming to the airport to see her off on her trip to Norway. She said I was the only friend that did and she wished I had chosen to go with her.

That alone would have changed the whole course of my life. Even so, as I sit here in my office with my window looking out at the Evergreen trees growing alongside Mill Creek in Toledo, Oregon, I feel happy and content with the course my life took.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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